Professional Espresso Machines

In 1947 Bruno Dalla Corte is a young technician full of enthusiasm, who starts working at the Cimbali company. In the 1950s, Bruno won the trust of the owner of the La Faema group, contributing to the creation of the E61. In the ’60s Bruno’s creative mind worked non-stop at the autonomous assistance centers he managed. From its genius, in the ABA workshops in Bologna, the innovative steam circulation technology is born: this is how the production of the La Spaziale machine began at the ABA workshops. The company La Spaziale will see Bruno’s constant commitment, together with his son Paolo, for many years.

    • The original independent group

      Start a new exciting adventure! The desire to innovate drives Paolo, together with his father Bruno and his sister Elsa, to found a new company. Thus it was born in 2001 Dalla Corte. The strong family imprint is recognized right from the logo: Bruno’s elegant signature becomes an integral part of the brand.

      The Evolution is the first professional coffee machine launched on the market, the only one in the world equipped with the original multi-boiler technology with independent groups. A real revolution, for a sector that until that moment was static.

    • The “Proof of Taste” years

      Proof of Taste, the slogan of those years, is a real challenge to the industry. The exclusive multi-boiler technology is the only one that allows to set a constant and precise temperature to the tenth of a degree. Each coffee has its own characteristic taste, only one ideal point of extraction: times have changed.

    • Live / learn / share experience

      We have always appreciated creativity! In the baristas world, genius is exalted in the engaging panorama of international competitions. The World Latte Art Championship has been sponsoring us for 8 years, and we have been involved since the first edition of the sparkling World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship. A journey that has given us world emotions and made to meet beautiful people.

      Parallel to the international competitions, the extraordinary journey of the DC campus comes to life. In Spazio Candiani, our first location, the world finalists participate in intense training days in preparation for the competitions. Live a unique experience, learn something different and new thanks to the meeting with international baristas, share the passion and skills of each participant. Live / Learn / Share, a true philosophy!

  • Design and innovation

    “Design is people”. And we have combined functionality and aesthetics in one product, the professional dc pro coffee machine. Born thanks to the collaboration with the Swiss designer Thomas Liebe, it is characterized by an essential line that enhances its characteristics. A style icon.

    In line with stylistic and technical innovation, the classic returns to fashion with the new evo2. Elegant and functional, it maintains the characteristics that made our most loyal baristas fall in love right from the start.

    The new grinder dc one line is launched on the market, followed by the double grinder dc two after a few years. On-demand, 65 mm flat millstones with an exclusive design, 0.01 mm adjustment: we always like to set new standards!