Zucchini flowers in batter, vegan recipe healthy foods

The fried zucchini flowers are a specialty that in some areas of Italy rises to true culinary emblem. Like in Rome, for example, where they are filled with mozzarella and anchovies, and then fried in batter. In other areas, such as in Veneto, they are wrapped in a crusty breadcrumbs of egg and breadcrumbs. But in short, a vegan version is there? Yes, it exists, and we offer it to you, both in a simple version (only the flower) and filled. You can use both zucchini and courgette flowers, although often the two varieties are confused they are both excellent. Another entirely subjective option is to remove or not the pistils inside the flower. They have an intense and bitter taste, which some love, others do not: choose you, but if you choose to remove them, be extremely delicate so as not to break the flower.

Zucchini flowers in vegan batter

Basically, we advise you to plenty with the batter, because the flower will be completely immersed. We will make it with rice flour , very cold beer , a pinch of salt. Put the rice flour in a bowl, about 100 grams for 6 flowers, and the beer is very cold (33 cl). Add a pinch of salt, and mix well with a whisk to remove lumps. The batter should be quite dense, smooth and homogeneous.

Gently clean the flowers, dip them one by one in the batter and dip in the boiling oil for frying. The beer will instantly bring out the batter, which will result in a soft pancake. Salt also externally and serve hot.

Filled zucchini flowers

Follow the previous procedure regarding frying. But before dipping the flowers into the batter, fill them with this filling . 50 grams of smoked tofu, crumbled by hand. 10 coarsely chopped desalted capers. 15 grams of crushed pine nuts. Two or three fresh chopped basil leaves. Add all the ingredients and use them as a filling for each flower. Close the end well with the batter so that it does not come out during frying.

If you like, you can spice up the batter with aromas in powder (turmeric, cumin, saffron).