Cold coffee, a universal pleasure

The iced coffee is a pleasure that comes in many versions. Absolute, bitter, or sweetened. With the addition of cream, creamy and delicious. With a dash of alcohol, for a refreshing cocktail. Typically Italian (many bet on the origin of Salento) the simple version with ice and sugar, but the whole world has been inspired to create a refreshing drink, energizing, and above all incredibly pleasant on the palate.

There are many ways to prepare it, starting from the ‘source’: espresso, moka or soluble coffee ? Shaken with ice or simply left in the fridge? To each his own. From city to city you can find different versions. Even bar in bar. Starting in June, Autogrill has also included in its menu the cold coffee shop, a real treat for those who stop for a while on the highway. The ‘summer edition’ of coffee is designed to enhance the aroma of the drink, with different recipes that start from the classic up to the frozen cappuccino, or coffee with chocolate or cream. Kimbo, partner of Autogrill, has made available a mixture created specifically for cold coffee.

Cold coffee: the recipe

It is not difficult to prepare a cold coffee. And, as mentioned, the ‘recipes’ are many. The basic, which is also prepared at home, consists of preparing a classic coffee mocha. Once ready, put it in a shaker (if you do not have it, any jar with lid will be fine), and sweeten to taste. Add the ice, and shake until the coffee has formed a soft foam. Consume immediately. If you want to keep it in the fridge for a few days, make a large moka, from 8 cups. Pour the coffee into a carafe, stretching it with water (taste is important to understand how you like it, it should not be too watered down but not too strong) and sugar. Shake, and let it cool.

The cold coffee can be made more creamy with the addition of cream, or milk. The condensed one poured on the bottom of a small glass creates a particularly nice scenic effect when the coffee is poured over. The white and the black that envelop greedily. You can also flavor the cold drink with hazelnuts, cinnamon, cocoa. Or use it to enrich desserts and ice creams.